We welcome you to join us in fellowship...

We gather on a varied schedule for study, praise & worship time, often starting with a shared "pot luck" luncheon & dessert.
It is a time of sharing and encouragement, praising God and learning how to be better witnesses and stewards for Jesus.
We are mostly a group of elder folk who have followed the Lord for years, but those new to His worship are certainly welsome to join in with us anytime!
As to passing a collection basket or receiving regular offerings, we believe each person should respond to the call of the Holy Spirit in such matters and give only if & when so inspired. In short, we do not regularly ask or receive a collection or offering. (more)
We believe that as Christians, "putting it all on the line" is what active believers are called to do each and every day, in service to the Lord in such ways as we are gifted.
We don't currently have a children's ministry or nursery. With just a few exceptions, most folks currently attending are retired but very active in ministry & community events.
In short, our backgrounds are varied, our interests local, and we urge everyone to worship and serve God Almighty wherever and however they feel called.

About our membership...

If you are a baptised believer in Jesus Christ we already consider you to be a member here and of the worldwide Body of Christ, just as you should be recognised at any Christian church. The Bible says (and we trust it!) that each believer is a vital part of the Body of Christ - - His Church in this world.

To learn more...

About us, where we are located in the Village of Evans Mills, how to contact us and other useful info please see our menu items on the left side of this page.

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New items may be added at any time to this page so check back occasionally!

We hope to see you soon, but in all events we trust God to lead and prompt each of us in our daily lives, seeking to do His will. May your day be encouraging, your adventures enriching, and your path lead ever onward to Jesus. Have a great day!