Let us tell you a bit about ourselves...

Evans Mills Community Church is an outreach of Pleasant Meadows Ministry, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, registered under the laws of the State of New York on April 12, 1989 through the efforts of individual Christian believers and member churches of the North Country Association of American Baptist Churches in New York State. The building we occupy was originally constructed as a church about 1860.

Formerly known as Pleasant Meadows Baptist Church, in 2011 we added several highly motivated new members and changed the name to better express our expanding ministry efforts which we each firmly believe are God's will and call for us here, today.

For more information about Pleasant Meadows Ministry, Evans Mills Community Church or any program we offer, contact any of our Elders or leading members of our program teams, all of whom would be pleased to assist you.

Simply send email briefly stating your request, name and phone number and one of us will contact you, normally within 24 hours. Our church office is open daily; call (315) 629-4800. Though we may occasionally miss a call, be assured that messages are checked several times each day.

You can also learn a more about our activities by following us on Facebook. In the near future we will post links to our Church Covenant, Articles of Faith and other essential information.

Peter said, "...such as I have, I give..."...

The Book of Acts records the earliest days in the fellowship and discipling of believers who comprised the body of Christ, His Church. We believe it is the best model for our own worship and activities including our community conduct and methods of instruction.

Equally, in our daily calling we believe the Lord wants us to be sources of His blessings as needed, similar to what is shown in the 3rd chapter of Acts, verse 6: "Such as I have I give thee..." spoken by Peter to a person begging alms at the temple gate.

The Book of Acts, chapter 2, verse 42 is essential to the basics of our fellowship.