About giving, tithes & offerings...

As to passing a collection basket or receiving regular offerings, our particular situation permits a quite different method of funding from that of most churches.

We believe each person, wherever they fellowship, should respond to the call of the Holy Spirit in such matters and give only if & when they are so inspired.

In short, we do not openly or regularly ask for or receive a collection or offering; neither do we ask nor expect anyone to give tithes. We know we operate under grace, not law.

So we refrain from those activities because we trust that God wants us to give freely where, when and how the Holy Spirit directs, acting as blessings in the daily life and walk of others. We want to be only Spirit-led in such matters.

Jesus said we are to love the Lord our God "with all our heart..." and more, and we believe that includes all of our monetary & earthly resources as well. Thus, we freely commit them to Him as He calls and leads.

As Christians, we and our possessions are not our own; we and they are God's own.  We are blessed to be stewards of the goodness and bounty of God.

We believe that as Christians, "putting it all on the line" is what active believers are called to do each and every day, in service to the Lord in any such way as we are gifted.

Of course we do have operating expenses like building maintenance, utility costs and other items as do most churches and ministries. But we trust each member to be Spirit-led in their giving because we know God has been faithful to us in so many ways!

Unanticipated and emergency expenses sometimes seem daunting, but they are met.

Our bills are paid on time, our ministries are sufficiently funded, and our all-volunteer staff freely gives of their services & time as God provides. We have no internal burden on our resources; we know we need but little to do much.

We are blessed and give thanks to our Lord for that.

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