Contacts at EMCC...

With few exceptions, our church office is staffed every day of the week. We believe that as the Lord has called us into fellowship and service in the Evans Mills community, at least one of us should always be on-site and available as needed. We do what we can to help anyone, and occasionally may have additional resources and contacts available to meet special needs beyond our abilities.

Our main phone number is (315) 629-4800 for all business and prayer requests. We do not have a fax machine.

Our mailing address is 8673 Church St., PO Box 476, Evans Mills NY 13637. We are located across from Evans Mills United Methodist Church. We are also adjacent to St. Andrews Shared Ministry. Church Street, just one block long, is shared by all three churches.

Whenever someone asks why there are so many churches on such a short street, we reply simply and truthfully that there is a lot of work God wants done everywhere. No local church or fellowship can do enough of it alone; each is only part of a larger body in Christ Jesus, called together where He wants them to serve. Simple enough, right?

Our internet website address is Please send all email to You can find us on Facebook at

We currently don't have a Twitter or similar account, but that may change and such changes will then be posted here.

Our primary Elders and Leadership Team members are listed below along with additional persons involved in related ministry programs at EMCC:

    *Len Hamilton, Pleasant Meadows Ministry Leadership Team / Elder
    *Betty Cooper, Pleasant Meadows Ministry Leadership Team / Elder
    *Bob Alexander, Pleasant Meadows Ministry Leadership Team / Elder
    *Ami & Richard Gydesen, EMCC Guidance & Outreach / Teen Ministries
    *Walter & Francis Cole, EMCC Guidance & Outreach