Churches located in central Evans Mills...

The Village of Evans Mills is a small, quiet, basically "bedroom" community to Watertown, Fort Drum and the surrounding area. While the land area of the Village runs along many miles of major roadways, the central core of the greater Evans Mills community is little more that a few blocks in size.

We like to think of it as being a good place to live and raise a family. Even with the US Army's Fort Drum pretty well all around us, it's fairly sedate hereabouts and thus there is little that goes unnoticed or gets left unattended.

However, Evans Mills Village hosts several churches and has for over 150 years:

    *There is St. Andrews Shared Ministry, a blended Presbyterian and Episcopal fellowship on the corner of Church and Leray streets.
    *For Catholic folks, there is St. Mary's Catholic Church on Main Street.
   *Evans Mills United Methodist Church is across the street from us, on one-block long Church Street.
    *There are, from time to time, other groups that may meet at the local fire hall or other locations in the Village.

At EMCC, we believe that all these groups are necesssary components of the Body of Christ and that we all need to be working together as the Holy Spirit directs.

There is a time coming, as the Bible tells us, when "..every knee will bow and every tongue confess.." that Jesus Christ is Lord. Denominations and all other divisions will cease, and Jesus' true Church will stand alone.