Village of Evans Mills and Town of Leray basic info...

Village of Evans Mills Office (located in the Town of Leray; for any info not shown below please contact the Village office)
    8706 Noble Street (upstairs)
    Phone (315) 629-4753, Fax (same)
    Village email address:
   Office hours 9-12:30 & 1:30-4 Monday through Thursday. Closed Friday - Saturday -         Sunday
   Evans Mills Village Board meets the second Thursday of each month at 5:00pm at the        Village Offices on the second floor of the Library Building. Members of all Village boards    and departments may be contacted through the Village Office.

Village of Evans Mills Board & Officers
    Mayor:  Robert Boucher
    Clerks: Marilyn Hanson (also Village Treasurer)
    Code Enforcement Officer:

Village Planning Board

Village Zoning Board of Appeals

Village Department of Public Works (Water, Sewer, Refuse Collection & Maintenance Shop)
    Office located on Main Street. Phone (315) 629-4873
    Superintendent: Kevin L. Hall, Sr

Town of LeRay Municipal Office
    Address: 8650 Leray Street, Evans Mills NY 13637-3191
    Phone: Clerk's Office (315) 629-4052, Fax 629-4393

Town of LeRay Court
    Address: 8650 Leray Street, Evans Mills NY 13637
    Phone: Clerk's Office (315) 629-0228, Fax 629-0443

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This is neither a recommendation nor an endorsement, but there is additional climate info, demographic detail (may be a bit outdated), graphical data and more information about Evans Mills at - - or just do a web search for Evans Mills, Leray Township, Jefferson county towns and villages or similar terms to discover additional resources.