About Our Fellowship at EMCC

We are a different sort of church, one you may not be familiar with.

We recognize and worship Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God. And, we follow only Jesus as our Savior, Lord, Master and Teacher. At EMCC, we hold that all believers in Christ are called to be evangelists for Him, serving also in church leadership and sharing responsibility for meetings and activities.

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About Our Meetings at EMCC

We meet whenever we get an opportunity.

We have no set schedule for meetings or activities for fellowship, learning and study. Rather, as it appears in the original Church from the time of Jesus, we may gather together wherever and whenever time gives opportunity.

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About Ministries, Offerings & Gifts at EMCC

Serving, giving and living as the Lord directs.

God gives everyone special talents and abilities for use in honoring and serving Him. How those talents and abilities are used show in many ways our worship of Him. And, there are many ways to minister in the Lord's service.

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The Bible alone is our guide at EMCC

Inspired by God for all people

The Bible contains all of God's wisdom, knowledge and direction for every purpose. There is simply no better guide to living a full and meaningful life.

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To learn more about us at EMCC

We are your neighbors, friends and co-workers in all walks of life.

Believers in Jesus Christ, those who follow Him as Lord and Master, are collectively called The Body Of Christ in Scripture. Thus, every true Christian is a member of His Body.

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Special Note

Due to COVID-19 our building is not currently open to the public. Our apologies for any inconvenience. To learn of other ways we may be able to offer assistance and encouragement, please call us at 1-315-629-4800 or send secure email to "family@evansmillschurch.com". Our prayers include your safety and good health!