About Our Fellowship at EMCC

We are a different type of church, one you may not be familiar with.

We worship Jesus Christ as Lord and the only begotten Son of God, yet our fellowship is unlike that of standard Christian churches. Following Jesus as Lord and Master, we do not have a single designated pastor on staff. We believe all followers of the Lord are called to work as evangelists of the Good News of Salvation. We minister first to those outside His Church, which is the Body of Christ on earth. All of us also minister to one another in all things.

About Our Meetings at EMCC

We meet whenever we get an opportunity.

We have no set schedule for meetings or gatherings for fellowship, learning and study. Rather, as in the original Church from the time of Jesus, we meet whenever two or more of us are able and time gives opportunity. We do try to meet several times each month at a minimum. However, we do not always meet here. Commonly it is at someone's home, a community location or other venue. This allows us to get deeper into studies and worshipful fellowship as followers and believers. Many of our gatherings are designed to minimize distractions and allow a more focused time together. New Christians and those who want to learn more about God and our Lord are always welcomed!

About Ministries, Offerings & Gifts at EMCC

Serving, giving and living as the Lord directs.

God gives everyone special talents or abilities for use in honoring and serving Him. How those talents and abilities are used show in many ways our worship of Him. And, there are many ways to minister in the Lord's service. Also, we believe God will direct every believer privately in supporting various needs and so we do not take up regular offerings. At times there may be special gifts requested to support specific needs or causes but we do not require every person to respond openly. And every believer may make a special gift at anytime for any purpose as called upon by the Lord. We are always willing to talk more about this if asked.

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The Bible alone is our guide at EMCC

Inspired by God for all people

There are 66 Books in the Bible. Men called by God wrote them according to His will and inspiration. These Books contain all of God's wisdom, knowledge and direction for every purpose in the life of every person who has ever lived or is yet to be born. There is simply no better guide to living a full and meaningful life, a life designed to bring praise, honor and glory to the Lord God. It is His word of life for all mankind..

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To learn more about us at EMCC

We are your neighbors, friends and co-workers in all walks of life.

Believers in Jesus Christ, those who follow Him as Lord and Master, are collectively called The Body Of Christ in Scripture. Thus, every true Christian is a member of His Body. We have no membership role at EMCC, but accept all who proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord as equal members and participants in all that we do. We are always ready and willing to talk about this concept anytime. May God bless you richly as you seek to know more about Him.

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